Frequently Asked Questions & Rates

Davis Islands Garden Club FAQs


 A refundable security deposit is required at the time of contract to secure your date, the deposit is $700.  Deposit is refunded after event if there is no damage.  If you cancel your event, is it refundable with at least 6 months notice & we must re-book your date.  Your rental fee is due in full 90 days before the event.  We do not offer payment plans or partial payments, we accept checks & money orders only.


Monday-Thursday:  1500 + tax

Friday:  2700 + tax

Saturday:  3600 + tax

Sunday:  2500 + tax

(Rates Are Always Subject To Change; Please Contact To Verify)

How many events a day are held; what are the hours of operation?

There is one event scheduled per day.  The hours are from 10am until 11pm; the club closes at 1am. We are one of the very few places that give you full reign of the facility for the entire day. We ask that your guests depart by 11pm and we give you an additional 2 hours (until 1am) to break down/clean up.

Is there a noise ordinance?

We are located on Davis Islands in a residential neighborhood within Hillsborough, which has a 10:00pm noise ordinance in residential areas; any outdoor amplified sound must conclude at 10:00pm.  Our security guard arrives at 9 to ensure compliance.

What are the restrictions?

The garden club is a beautiful blank canvas so we encourage creative DIY people. Our only restrictions are that décor must be tied to pre-existing hooks. We don’t allow any adhesive of any kind, no staples, no 3m of any kind. We don’t allow any rice, synthetic flower pedals (outside), confetti or glitter. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of security deposit.

Are there set vendors that must be used?

We do have a list of preferred vendors; they come handpicked & highly recommended.   They are familiar with our facility and the rules to ensure you get your deposit back. However you are not restricted to just our list.

How may guests can be accommodated?

Our max capacity is 175.

Are any tables and chairs included?

We provide tables and chairs for the inside at no additional cost.  We also have (10) high-tops/cocktail tables, (4) eight foot buffet tables, and a few assorted vintage wrought iron tables.

We do also have the white folding garden chairs available to rent for $2.00+tax/each. (we do not provide set up of the ceremony chairs)

Is there a day of coordinator?

We do not provide staff onsite the day of your event.  It is highly recommended to hire a day of coordinator to help make your day run smooth & flawless!

Is there a fee for Rehearsals?

Rehearsals are scheduled on days not booked.  It is first come, first serve and there is not a fee.  You’d schedule a time for your rehearsal with Amber Beaty and when you arrive you are free to use the grounds, we recommend an hour. Also the building is locked and we are not in attendance.